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Love my owl floor mat... I no longer have to say 'no' to my daughter when she wants to paint or play with play doh in fear of her ruining the carpet. Just throw the mat down and away she goes... Then I just throw it in the machine afterwards    - Laura

 My 12 month old son is going through a phase of throwing all his food onto the floor when he's had enough. If it wasn't for the spillmat under the high chair, I'd hate to think of the time I would spend cleaning the kitchen tiles after each meal! It's so easy to simply throw the spillmat into the washing machine to clean it. - Linda


Love the bag- use it every week at swimming - great to throw wet bathers and towel straight into and then everything into the wash including the bag when we get home! Was also great at the beach !  - Kristen


I'm an adult and I use my owl mat to catch my spills when I'm painting or crafting -Angela

I have the spillmat and my little boy loves playing playdoh on it, he can also move it to where he likes and I know that the mess will stay on the mat. It folds up and away so easily and cleans so well. Love it. -Nicole